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3 Tips For Surviving a Panel Job Interview

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With all of the great candidates out there these days, employers have a lot from which to choose. Time spent interviewing increases, which drags out the selection process.  One solution that many companies have tried are panel interviews.
A panel interview, also called a "group" or "team" interview is when you - the candidate - meets with two or more members of a team for an interview.  If this idea terrifies you, don't stress!  Here are three tips to help you succeed.
  1. Preparation - Before the interview, ask the scheduler for the names and titles of the interviewers.  Just by knowing the various functions being represented in the interview will help you prepare for what types of questions could be asked.  However, you could take it a step further and look them up on LinkedIn or Google to learn more about them.  The more you know about your interviewers in advance, the better you can prepare yourself both strategically and mentally for the interview.  Contemplate the mix of individuals and write practice questions that could come from each team member.
  2. Eye Contact - Each interview panel will have a leader whether it's formal or informal.  It's easy to focus your attention on that person as they drive you through the process.  But be sure to look at each person when you answer every question.  Practice at home first by setting up targets around a table and pretend they are interviewers.  Speak to each object  and move around the table in a comfortable manner.  Don't leave anyone out, especially the quietest member.  By noticing and acknowledging everyone, it shows you can handle a team environment well.
  3. Interview them too -  As you look around the table, imagine that  you already have the job, this is your work group and you are at a group meeting.  Consider how they interact with each other and see how it makes you feel.  Is this a team where you could thrive?  Interview them to see if they are a fit for your career goals too.  This will help you to relax and enjoy the experience.
A panel interview is not much different than a regular work meeting.  By following regular interview etiquette and these three tips, you should ace the interview and get the offer!

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