Thursday, January 3, 2013

4 Powerful Tips For IIM MBA Admission Personal Interview Round

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Here are 4 useful tips that will elevate your chances for clearing that all-important Personal Interview.

1. Show initiative by researching the chosen career objective.
If you picture yourself in finance, do some research on what differentiates Trade Finance from Merchant Banking and how Investment banking differs from Private Equity? You do not have to show your exact chosen area as even the Personal Interview panel knows you cannot make such an early decision already, but having knowledge of the basic differences of these different fields shows a heightened sense of awareness

2. Show composure under pressure by replying well thought-out, meaningful questions.
When you are asked a question, pause for 2 seconds to think the answer through. Don't blurt the first thing that comes to your mind (I don't know). For example if asked a question on - "How would you solve the dispute between the ASEAN and India's bilateral trade agreement" Your reply should be "Well there are 3 parts to the issue (1) Final duty levied (2) Point of origin of goods and (3) Sensitive agri- commodities effect on Indian farmers" - from there you can frame your further reply

3. Show your savvy by connecting your own educational experience and achievements to the specific needs of the chosen career profile.
This is particularly important if you are young fresh out of college, and don't have any job experience. Stress upon the activities that you have performed; you have run a youth group, that may have sharpened your leadership skills. If you published the campus newspaper, you will certainly have communication skills. Talk about how these skills make you right for the job.

4. Show energy through your body language and tone of voice.
Sit up straight in the chair, lean forward slightly to listen as the interviewer speaks. Nod and smile appropriately to show you understand. Inject enthusiasm into everything you say. Nobody wants to hire someone who sounds bored with the job before he or she has even got it!
Using these tips to prepare well will improve your chances in the final Personal interview round.

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