Friday, January 25, 2013

5 Critical Steps for Interview Preparation

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Most people aren't expert interviewers.  You aren't supposed to be good at interviewing.  If you have had enough interviews where you feel like you have become a pro, most likely you are falling short on preparing appropriately for the process.  Below are five critical steps you should always follow when preparing for the interview.
1) Prepare a list of common interview questions and WRITE down your answers.  Most interviewers tend to ask some of the same basic questions aimed at learning about you, your background, and your personality.  Therefore, you should prepare 60-90 second answers to commonly asked questions.  Once you have written down your answers.  REHEARSE, REHEARSE, REHEARSE!!!

2) Research the company in detail.  You should understand what industry the company operates in, their revenues, important initiatives the company is pursuing, any relevant news information, and who are their main competitors.

3) Research the interviewers.  Sites such as Facebook, LinkedIN, and ZoomInfo can provide you significant information about the people you will be meeting with and the company.  Often times, you may be able to establish a common relationship and/or connection that can further get your foot in the door to your ultimate dream job.

4) Study and understand how YOU add value to the position and the company you are interviewing with.  Most people want to know, very basically, how you can make the company money, save the company money, or effectively change the process.

5) Write down 5-7 questions for each person you are meeting with.  These questions should be specific to the interviewer and should be different for each interviewer.  When you interview with multiple people, they tend to exchange notes and if you ask the same generic question of each interviewer, it is perceived as a lack of preparation.

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