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5 Interview Mistakes to Avoid - Improve Your Chances of Landing the Job

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We place too much focus on what to do during a job interview that sometimes we forget about what we shouldn't do. To ensure your job search ends with you landing a job, keep reading on for five interview mistakes that you want to avoid making.

1 - Too Much Information
When asked about the skills you would bring to the company, you want to get detailed and provide as much relevant information as possible. However, that is about it. For anything else, too much information can backfire. Don't get into a story about how your old boss became a witch after her divorce. Don't talk about a dispute with a coworker because you thought she was too big of a flirt and so forth. Sometimes, less is best. Unless interviewing for a position as a gossip blogger, keep your interview professional and ensure all information shared is relevant.

2 - Not Focusing on Appearance
As you know, we are all encouraged to not "judge a book by its cover," but sometimes that is done, especially during the interview process. Honestly, it doesn't matter if you are applying for a job at a fast food joint; you should be dressed for success. Some occasions this calls for a dress or a nice suit, but many times you can get away with a pair of tan pants and a nice dress shirt. Casual clothes, especially shorts and a tank top, give the impression that you could care less. No one wants to hire someone like this.

3 - Arriving Late and Unprepared
Being unprepared and arriving late to a job interview go hand-in-hand. If you aren't focused on your job interview you are likely to show up late and visa versa. If you are desperate for a job, you could have applied for hundreds of jobs. In that case, grab a notebook and start taking down notes. Know when you have an interview and arrive ten minutes beforehand. For additional research, visit the company's website to familiarize yourself with the basics. At the very least, know what position you are interviewing for; don't accidentally mix them up!

4 - Not Being Polite
Ask any hiring manager what one of their biggest complaints is and they are likely to say "prospective new hires who are rude." Hiring managers are a lot more perceptive than we give them credit for. They aren't just looking into your job history and relevant skills; they are also gauging your overall behavior. A slight attitude, whether unintentional or not, is viewed by many hiring managers as a chip on the shoulder or a possible trouble causer. Always keep the tone of your voice friendly and positive. Moreover, always say your pleases and thank yous.

5 - Too Laid Back
You want to be comfortable during a job interview. After all, you are less fidgety and nervous when you are comfortable, but don't cross that too-laid-back line. Whether you are applying for a corporate job or a job at a local grocery store, you must not look at your interview as something casual, like a conversation with a group of friends. Not only show up dressed professionally, but act professional too.
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