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6 Reasons Why Thank You Letters Are Important After Your Interview

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Don't be shy about sending a thank you letter because there are at least 6 reasons why thank you letters are important after your interview.
  • Very few people are actually thanked for doing their job, especially when that job is to interview someone.
  • The receipt of a thank you note can reinforce a decision to hire you.
  • A Thank you letter allows you to restate your interest and commitment to the job.
  • Thank You Letters can alter the hiring manager's perception of your interview.
  • Thank you notes can be personalized for each interviewer.
  • Thank you letters are actually sales letters in disguise.
Don't underestimate the impact of a 'thank you' letter as a valuable follow up to an interview because not many people receive thanks, especially for an interview, so they will remember it and it keeps your name in their mind with strongly positive associations.

You can't lose by sending thank you letters; if you weren't going to get the job, it won't make any difference, but if you're in with a chance it could tip the balance in your favor!
There are two forms of this letter; the first is a simple thank-you note which is personal and the only letter that can, and should be handwritten.

The second form of these thank you letters is more formal and is also valuable as a follow up when you realize after the interview that you didn't cover an area very well!

This is then a formal sales letter and should be word-processed and printed like any other business correspondence. It still carries all of the benefits as above but may also allow you to spell out some information you didn't impart too well at the interview.

Since they are not too difficult to write and there are 6 good reasons why thank you letters are important after your interview, you should aim to send a 'thank you' letter on the same day as the interview for the best effect. These letters can easily be modified to suit your particular situation and should always be mailed to every person involved in the interview.

Most people's in-boxes are already too full with all manner of unwanted emails, so you run the risk of your letter being overlooked or simply deleted as spam if your thank you letter is from an unrecognized email address.


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