Thursday, January 3, 2013

All About Interview Thank You Letters

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With the economic downturn and the amount of jobs available decreasing massively by the week, it has become more important than ever to perfect an interview. In order to succeed you will need to assure the potential employer that you can be trusted, one way to do this is through a proper interview thank you letter.
One often overlooked task is sending the potential employer an interview thank you letter. This is essentially saying thank you for giving me a chance to apply for the job and the opportunity to present my strengths in the interview. This will send many signals to the potential employers, those signals being dedication, respect, politeness and your willingness to go the extra mile. If you think about it, what sort of employer doesn't want these kinds of traits for every member of their work-force?

So, what sort of things can you write in an interview thank you letter to your potential employer? Well, think of it as a thank you for my presents kind of letter, it will be the same sort of content but more in depth. Try and recall important points of the interview such as "I really liked the fact that you chose me for an interview, I really enjoyed out conversation about your companies plans for the future, I am proud to have been given the opportunity to speak with you and your colleagues ". Something like this will show your dedication, obviously you do not want the employer to think you are trying to 'suck up to them' but you are trying to convince him/her to give you the job. If you are write the thank you letter subtly and with the job in mind, you will be fine. Also try to be personal and bring up a few details about you and your background, this may also help the employer get a better understanding of your personality, and how you would fit into the job and the corporate environment.

The first paragraph should be a thank you section and remind the interviewer of your meeting. You can also include information about why you would like to be employed at this particular company. The second paragraph should explain why you are interested in the position and include any relevant information that you did not bring up in the interview. You might want to write a sentence stating why you feel you are qualified for the job. The final paragraph should let the interviewer know that you are looking forward to hearing from them and that you are willing and ready for a second interview or further discussion. Finish with your contact information and thank the interviewer again. Try to keep the entire letter short, 5-8 sentences.

Bare in mind that this technique will only help in your quest to obtain the job and is never guaranteed to get you the job every time, but if you are prepared, dress professionally and follow the interview tips on our site, you will undoubtedly be at the top of the selection pool.

Be sure to write the thank you letter immediately after the job interview, you can use email but you may want to consider a hard-copy letter if the work environment is traditional or if it is a small or family owned business. Have a look at some sample thank you letters, and choose the format that you feel best fits the work environment of your prospective employer.


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