Monday, January 14, 2013

Beating Foreigners By Master The BPO Interview Process

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In the BPO industry there is something ironic going on. Jobs that were once held by qualified American citizens are now being given to foreigner with the same qualifications. Why on earth would these companies be giving away jobs that usually involve customers service to foreigners whose first language is definitely not English. The reason for this is because these foreigners are willing to work for a fraction of the price it would cost for an American employee. This seems extremely unfair, and it is. Your costs are much higher than those of someone in India, therefor you simply cannot work for half of the salary you are working for now. However, there is hope. These companies still desperately need American employees to provide reliable stability to this career field. However, because there are less of these jobs to give out, you must be able clearly be able to stand above the rest. Here are some way to set yourself apart

One of the best ways to truly stand out from the crowd is knowing how to perform on an interview. Understanding what to expect from BPO interview questions is one of the first steps to get the advantage over many other applicant. In order to get these jobs, you are going to have seem extremely sharp. This is hard to do if you do not know exactly what type of BPO interview questions are going to be asked of you. However, these are very easy to come by if you have access to the internet. Prepare yourself by simply searching from common questions asked on these interviews.

Another very important aspect is almost having a delusional confidence in these interviews. Many people will go in nervous and stressed out. This is one of the biggest killers in this career field because most of it is based in customer service or telling people what to do. They will not hire a person who seems to be hesitant to take charge. Even if you are missing some things, it is extremely important to not let it get to you for this very reason.

The best part about these two tips is they go hand and hand. If you prepare yourself by finding out the questions before hand it will give you a sense of confidence. This confidence combined with your interview knowledge will be invaluable when it comes to landing a job in the BPO industry.

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