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Case Interview Preparation: Essential to Land the Right Job

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Case interview is an interactive process in which the interviewer acknowledges you with their business issues and analysis and advice required on these issues. Your main job is to put forward some logical questions to the interviewer assuring them that you have well realized their business and issues related. However, it is true that there are not any absolute correct answers in case interviews.
Case Interview Preparation includes two stages: Formal case interview stage and preparative stage.
Preparative stage – This stage of interview need you to introduce yourself. Soon after that the interviewer's question about your resume and some other issues like personal considerations.

Formal Case – This stage of interview helps in drawing a conclusion about some business issues with analysis.

Idea of Case Interview
Most of the companies and consultants usually spend most of the times with their clients and colleagues the idea of intercommunication, and they will require special qualities to gain success in their project and business. The qualities in their employee they require include remaining calm under pressure, ability to quickly establish an assumption according to the details of projects, and make a conclusion depend on strong logical analysis ability and more.

Types of case interviews
Guesstimates – This type of case interview is basically referred as market assessment in which you need to estimate the size of the market and other details. You might also ask to estimate the height of rocky mountain. Similarly like other case interviews, it is not essential to get an exact answer but you should have some common sense to answer any kinds of questions asked by them.

Brainteasers – This type of case interview is often found very hard and quite tricky that includes some sorts of mystery question and numerical estimates question. The interviewers ask you such type of question to know your creativity and ability to analyze and resolve issues under pressure.

Business cases – For this case interview, the interviewer ask you questions that help you to an project according to the description of project background including profit decline, industry analysis, sales decline, market entry, and so on. The interviewer always doesn't provide you enough detailed information, so you need to keep on asking targeted questions in order to get more useful information.

Vital Qualities in Case Interview
Leadership Analysis ability Expression ability Energetic Calm
Generally, a case interview includes either a long term business case, or two short time cases, so you need to estimate and tackle accordingly. It is essential for you to have important quality of thinking deeply under pressure and resolve the problems peacefully.

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