Friday, January 18, 2013

Cover Letter Samples - Thank You Letters

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Writing a thank you letter is not only polite, it's also a smart move. A well-written thank you letter can help the hiring manager to remember you longer. It can give you an excuse to mention something you forgot to say in an interview. And if you're rejected, it may keep the door open for them to consider you for another, similar job vacancy.

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Cover Letter Samples: Thank You for Interview
Dear ___,
Thank you for granting me an interview yesterday. It was a pleasure meeting you and I enjoyed discussing career opportunities with you.
I am happy to know that your savings card club is now branching out to the neighboring Latium County. Before moving to this city, I lived in Minerva in Latium for four years. During that time my work as web designer and graphics designer brought me into contact with the various businesses and charitable organizations in the area. I believe my familiarity with these establishments would be an asset to your company.
I would like to reiterate my eagerness for this position. Again, thank you. I shall call you in two weeks to follow up on my application.

Cover Letter Samples: Thank You for Denial
Dear _____
Thank you for kindly informing me of your decision. Although I did not pass the live exam, I learned a lot from the experience and am grateful for this opportunity.
I appreciate being on your list of candidates for future job vacancies in your department. I look forward to hearing from you once again.
Until then, thank you!


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