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Do's and Don'ts at Interview

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I am often asked some very basic questions about conduct at interview. What follows is an excerpt from an interview handbooks which I wrote to assist candidates in ensuring that they perform to the best of their abilities. Some of the information is basics, but is very important given that many hiring decision are made superficially and within the first few minutes of interview.
It is important that your interview begins when you walk out of your home or office door. Make sure you feel confident and look polished and professional before leaving for the interview. Whilst on your way to the interview imagine yourself doing well at interview and focus on the successful conclusion of the meeting. This type of positive thinking can sound silly but it is so powerful and statistics show that being mentally prepared has a huge impact on results. Be sure to be pleasant and professional to everyone you meet. Often times, companies ask employees throughout the company for their opinion on your candidacy. A comment from the receptionist that you were rude or impolite could raise questions about your suitability. Below is a list of Do' s and Don'ts at interview.
* Do Offer a firm handshake
* Do be confident and friendly
* Do ask questions
* Do be yourself
* Do NOT use slang or colloquialisms
* Do seek out opportunity to speak about your successes and strengths
* Do NOT put your elbows, handbag or briefcase on the table, desk or in your lap
* Do NOT slouch, cross your arms, shuffle your feet or tap your fingers
* Do answer questions honestly and concisely. Answer the questions raised specifically and avoid getting side tracked.
* Do NOT interrupt or try to control the interview session.
* Do NOT be afraid to seek clarification of a question that you did not hear or do not understand.
* Do NOT criticize or complain
* Do explain your reasons for changing jobs in a positive way
* Do smile
* Do look the interviewer in the eyes
* Do use the interviewer's nameDo NOT be negative or focus on problems within your current place of work.

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