Friday, January 11, 2013

Focusing Your Interview Preparation Effort by Aiming at These 9 Skills

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Great employees tend to demonstrate some basic skills. Understanding and ensuring you think about and develop some of these basic skills can dramatically improve your opportunity closing skills. Furthermore, great employees tend to be great interviewers because their approach to their jobs parallels their approach to interviews. Preparation is the name of the game.

I believe the baseline for the interviewer contains critical competencies. Some of these include:

* Efficiency - How effective are you producing the greatest result for the least amount of work in the context of business effectiveness--whether revenue, cost management, profitability, customer satisfaction, or any of a number of business factors.
* Honesty and integrity - The past decade taught corporate America a great deal about the need for leadership that believes in doing the right thing, including telling the truth.
* Organization and planning - The proven capacity to figure where things should go, when they should happen, how best to structure, and how to manage to a stated result is invaluable.
* Aggressiveness - Business leaders have to be act decisively and quickly to win! Team players that act for the corporation's best interests are invaluable.
* Follow-through on commitments - In business, keeping your word is invaluable. Commodore Vanderbilt was considered one of the most unscrupulous business leaders in American history--but at the same time, he was considered extremely honest.  His handshake was considered to be a sure contract. This guiding principal in business has not faded in the passing century and more.

* Intelligence - General Electric was founded by Thomas Edison. AT&T was founded by Alexander Graham Bell. Microsoft is the child of Bill Gates. Need I say more? Smart guys or gals can accomplish amazing results.
* Analytical skills - Warren Buffet has created the ultimate snowball through consistent careful accurate analysis. There is little wonder in the value of this attribute in corporate America.
* Persistence - Edison said, "Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration." Sticking to it is a time-proven business-winning principal. IBM, General Motors, General Electric, and so many other companies are the product of decades of persistence.
* Proactivity - George Soros perceived the weakness of the British pound and saw the appreciation of the German Mark. Today, he manages $25 billion in his hedge fund. Warren Buffet steadily built Berkshire Hathaway to the most valuable company in the world through proactive, carefully considered bets in the economy and on specific businesses.

Would-be business leaders who focus their development on these issues are taking large steps toward a successful career.

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