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Freshers Interview Preparation Tips

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Anything that we do for the first time gives us some trepidation and even more in the current Job Market in India & across the world.
For entry level job seekers & Fresher Graduates, the struggle to secure Freshers Jobs in India is getting competitive day by day. However, practice makes us all perfect and reinforces the skill in us. Attending interviews is one such skill. The more interviews you attend the better you become at it.
Let us look at the things what a Fresher or Entry level job seeker needs to do the first time round to get better at it.
  • Always exhibit punctuality. Plan to arrive at least a few minutes before the stipulated time. This will give you time to catch your breathe and be calm and composed when it is your turn. It will also give you some time in case you are stuck in a traffic jam or so.
  • Plan ahead. Choose what you are going to wear. Wear your best business attire and anything else that makes you feel good and confident. Wear comfortable shoes, and pay special attention to your overall appearance. You do want to convey professionalism at all times.
  • Take a few deep breathes before you enter. Once in front of the interviewer greet him/her with a firm handshake or a polite greeting & Hand over your resume. Try to use the person’s name the way he would like to be addressed that is the title and last name e.g. Mr Smith or just his first name e.g. Bill. You want to start building rapport with him from the word go.
  • Remember that he is interviewing you. Hence, let the be asked by him. Listen carefully and comprehend the questions well before responding. In case you are not sure of the question, ask it to be paraphrased and confirm your understanding of it. Answer relevantly and appropriately to the questions.
  • Be careful of the language and words that you use. Pay special attention to grammar and pronunciation. Speak clearly, confidently and coherently. Answer to the point in an interesting manner. Say things that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  • Mind your overall body language. Smile and appear pleasant throughout. Sit up straight and lean slightly towards the interviewer to show your interest. Speak in an expressive manner and feel what you say.
  • Remember this is your time to sell yourself. Showcase your achievements at college and university in your resume. Expound your skills that can benefit the employer. Blow your trumpet at the same time sound modest.
  • Be energetic and enthusiastic throughout. Show your zeal for joining that particular company. Let the employer know that you have done your homework well and you do know something about the organization and maybe its latest products or projects.
  • See that you have all the necessary documentation in place. Bring extra copies of your resume. Have all the certificates and photocopies of them ready if asked for. Appear organized and efficient by the way you carry all your documents.
  • When asked questions do not just resort to yes and no answers. Justify your answers. You could do this by stating the circumstance, what action did you take in the given circumstance and ultimately what results did it bring.
  • Be prepared with a few typical questions that you are usually asked at interviews such as tell me something about yourself, what have been your key achievements so far, how do you handle stress and so forth. At the same time, remember to be spontaneous and not sound rehearsed. An employer wants someone who can think on his feet.
  • Try to put yourself in the employer’s shoes and imagine what you would be looking for if you were on the other end of the table. Give the employer just that and you will clinch this top job.
  • Leave the room by thanking the person for his time and with a firm handshake. Ask few questions about the company & make sure the firm is genuine in order to avoid any suprise later on. In case you feel that the interview has not gone the way you would have wanted it to hold on to your body language. Do not let your feelings be known be they disappointment or exuberance. Afterwards send across a thank you note or an email.

Try to do all this and you will be sure to come out a winner if not at the interview then definitely in a game called life.

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