Wednesday, January 9, 2013

General Rules For Interview Dress Code

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The correct appearance varies between different industries. The appropriate attire also depends on the level of formality of the situation or the company. However, conservative is always wise for a job interview.
Most people are better able to recognize the dress mistakes of others than they are able to spot their own fashion shortcomings. It is common when people are looking for a second opinion, to make the mistake of asking only a loved one. Better candidates for assessment of your interview apparel are trusted professional friends who have shown their objectivity in such matters before. A friend is more likely to be truly honest about your appearance and whether it is appropriate for an interview or not.

Whenever possible, learn about the dress code of the company where you are interviewing prior to the interview. Having this knowledge will allow you to dress suitably for the occasion. It is perfectly acceptable to ask someone in the Human Resources department about the dress code (written or informal) of the company. You might even consider making an anonymous visit to the location to get a sense of the corporate style of the company. If a visit doesn't seem like a good idea, you can always visit the company's website to see how the company likes to be perceived by its public.

Only a few companies allow a very casual dress code for all of their employees all the time. Although it is an increasing trend to allow a business casual dress code on a certain day of the week (often Friday), it may not always be encouraged. Regardless of whether the company has a "casual professional" dress code one day of the week or every day, do not dress casually for a job interview. Here are the two main reasons to avoid casual interview apparel:

1. The company is considering an investment in you that will likely run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars if the hire goes well, and possibly as much as tens of thousands of dollars if it doesn't go well -- that type of investment is never casual. You want to look like you are worth the investment.

2. Sometimes companies allow casual dress at times or in situations that will not compromise business. They feel comfortable to do this, because they are already sure that all of the employees on the payroll know how to dress suitably. An interview is when the potential employer needs to see that you appreciate the refinement of business dress.


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