Saturday, January 26, 2013

Get an A Plus in Panel Interviews

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There are actually different types of interviews that can happen if you are applying for a job. One of the scariest and definitely nerve racking will be a panel interview.
What happens in a panel interview? Just imagine the 1 versus 100 TV show. You will be "up against" two or more interviewers at one time. This is done by companies to save time in interviewing as well as comparing notes. Usually, you go through a panel interview once, and that is it. It is a make or break for you.
So how do you make sure you have a high chance of passing the panel interview with flying colors? Take note of these tips:

1. Come prepared. Though you will never know the possible questions asked, your research can still definitely go a long way. Know more about the company, its products and services, types of clients, and even the management behind it. You can check out online for standard questions asked in companies and practice answering them.

2. Appear confident. It is important for any interviewer to see a confident applicant. Make sure you dress the part. Do not forget to smile. Before you enter the room, take a deep breath to remove the tensed nerves.
You can also recite some subliminal messages a few days before the actual interview. Some of these subliminal messages may be the following:
I am confident I will get the job.
I believe I have the skills to obtain the position.
I am looking forward to the interview.
I have come prepared and ready to be peppered with questions.
I am eager to work in the job I truly like.
You can also write the subliminal messages down and read them before you go into the room if you feel your nerves are starting to become more prominent.

3. Speak slowly. There are two main advantages for this. First, you allow your thoughts to catch up, so you avoid saying things you will regret later on. Second, this allows everyone in the panel to completely hear and understand what you are going to say.

4. Look at them properly. When you are talking maintain eye contact. Begin with the person who asked you the question then move your eyes with the others. You want to show them that you are definitely honest with what you are saying.

5. Keep your resume handy. Do not forget to bring your resume. There is a possibility they already know the contents, but still you want to be ready all the time. You may also want to study what you have written, as a good number of questions will be based from it.

6. Be very sincere with your answers. It is easy for you to lie on the answers to questions especially if you truly like the job. However, you may only cause over-expectations, which you cannot meet. It is a lot better to be honest, but make sure you learn how to downplay your weaknesses, so they can focus more on your strengths.


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