Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Green Card Interview - Do Your Homework So You Don't Mess Up The Green Card Interview Questions

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If you are nervous about your green card by marriage interview you are not alone. Several thousand other people are feeling the way you do right now. The truth is that several legitimate spouses face a more forceful interview than ever to make sure the USA is protected from individuals that may want to cause harm to the country and its people.

Of course, if you are reading this I'm confident you are an authentic loyal resident who simply needs a bit more self-confidence for interview day. That's all right and by reading this article you will hopefully pick up a lot of information that will help you and cut your stress levels a couple of degrees.

It is worth remembering what is at stake on interview day. Ultimately the worst case scenario is refusal by the I.N.S to hand out a green card to the interviewee. What repercussions' would this have on your marriage, children (if you have some), future plans, job prospects etc? A scary thought isn't it?
Your interviewing officer will be very well trained and will take this interview very seriously. It is very important that you think of it the same way and don't be complacent in any way.

The questions you will be asked will cover a broad spectrum of you and your spouses' private life. The aim of the interview is to ensure that the marriage is not a fraud and that you have a legitimate right to obtain citizenship.

You will be asked open questions. An open question requires more than a yes or no answer. The first questions are likely to focus on the time ahead of your marriage and are likely to include the circumstances of your first meeting, what month did you first meet, who introduced you, how long after did you go out on your first date, where did you go, who met each others family first,

The next set of questions will concentrate on the time leading up to your marriage and the marriage service itself. Several of the questions you will be asked will be related too, who proposed, where did it happen, was the engagement ring bought before the proposal, did you have any financial assistance for the wedding or honeymoon, if so who assisted you, how many guests attended, did you have a reception after the ceremony,

To finish, you will be asked questions about your residence. Common questions are what side of the bed do you sleep on, who wakes first in the morning, what are the housing costs for your home, how many televisions do you have in the home, what is the color scheme in the lounge, what day does the refuse get taken away, where do you routinely do your food shopping, what did you do yesterday evening, what did you eat yesterday evening, etc

Please don't forget to take all ID requested of you for the interview. It will aid the process a lot if the interviewing officer has documented evidence that clearly shows a legitimate marriage which is the complete point of the interview.

The green card interview is vital to your future happiness so make certain you are as well prepared as you can possibly be. How would you feel if you failed the interview because you didn't do everything to get ready?

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