Sunday, January 6, 2013

Interview - Dos and Don'ts

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2. Top 14 tips to prepare job interviews
Tip #1: Presentation - Remember "First impression is always the last impression."
•Dress up in formals, with clothes ironed. Dressing appropriately always instills a sense of confidence from within.
•Reach the interview centre well before time. Preferably Google your place of interview to predetermine the time of travel. Reaching on time shows a sense of punctuality, which every recruiter is looking for.
•Keep your papers, certificates, resume copy for reference. You might need them during the course of your interview.
•Read about the company before giving the interview.
•Do not look for excuses incase you are late. Inform the recruiter in advance if you may get delayed for any reason.
Tip #2: Body Language - Remember "Actions speak louder than words."
•Look at the interviewer in the eye. This shows you are confident and truthful. Also, while answering the questions, do look at all the panel members.
•Place your file on your lap. You may not keep it on the table in front of you.
•Shake hands confidently and firmly, hence portraying a strong character.
•Do not sit cross legged and/or cross your arms. It shows negativity. Sit alert and interested.
•Do not chew gum; it is the biggest sign of casualness.
•Do not fidget with your stationary or touch your face occasionally. All these are signs of nervousness.
Tip #3: Question Handling - Remember you are there to "Sell yourself"
•Remember to greet your recruiter with respect. Wish everyone in the panel.
•Avoid touching areas of less expertise. Remember you can always guide the course of the interview.
•Mention in due course of the interview how you will use your skills and accomplishments for the benefit of the organisation.
•Answer assertively. This shows your confidence and leadership qualities. However, you must avoid being aggressive.
•Respond to every question tactfully and truthfully. Each question asked assesses one of your characteristics.
•Revise your basics and be ready to answer any question asked from the details provided in the resume.
•Do not get nervous if you are not able to answer two to three questions successively. Remember they are trying to determine how you handle stress. Getting nervous or agitated gives a negative impression.
•Do not answer phone calls or inquire about the salary in the early stages of the interview.
•Do not bluff or over answer questions. If caught, think your dream job has almost flown away.
Last but not the least, you must send a thank you or acknowledgment letter/mail to the interviewer. This shows your involvement and immense interest in the job.
Always remember - you may control the outcome of the interview with your action. A little preparation can get you the job you always dreamt for!


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