Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Interview Focus - Analytical Round

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No one wants somebody in their company who just does what he/she is told. You will always be expected to be thinking on your feet and trying to solve problems proactively and innovatively. Here are some tips on how to deal with the analytical round of an interview.

The questions may or may not be related to your work.

There are very few instances when you might get a question that you've already dealt with at your previous job. If this is the case however, don't get worried, you can always cite the thought process that took place which enabled you to solve the problem effectively then.

However if it's a question that you've never dealt with before, don't worry. All the interviewer is looking for, is to see whether you can think on your own and if your thinking is logical.

If the question is related to your work, remember that you might need to use some basic knowledge that you already have or are supposed to have. Is it a coding related question that tests if you have the skill to apply the knowledge that you already have or is it a question that uses your knowledge but sees if you can challenge your brain? Several times, thinking out of the box can help you.

Other analytical questions may seem bizarre and out of the blue, but they are trying to check your logical thinking ability, your decision making powers and your ability to innovate. Some common questions:

•    If you have 10 bulbs and you need to check that if you throw a bulb down from one of the balconies in an apartment building with a 100 floors, which is the lowest floor from which when a bulb is thrown, it will break? This is a question that can be solved using a mathematical formula or can be solved using simple logic.
•    If there is a pregnant woman and her son who are about to drown and you can solve only one of them, who will you save?

Remember that the key to solving these questions is logic and remember to take your interviewer through your thinking process.

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