Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Interview Preparation Secrets

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Interview preparation is arguably more important than the interview itself, as your performance will directly correlate to the amount of time and quality of your preparation, and sadly the largest oversight in the interviewing process is being unprepared.

Sadly, according to the majority of people, the definition of being "prepared" means bringing their pen, pad folio, and appropriate attire... but this is far from the truth!

While there are many different tricks in order to prepare yourself for an interview, you must be using a least a few of them! Some include knowing similarities you posses with the company and reviewing your past work experiences prior to the interview, but being properly prepared for an interview means much more than that.
Interview Preparation requires a lot of research and practice, and can be the most important part of the interview. Some universal interview preparation techniques to look in to are:

- Resume Updating
- Self Assessment
- Personal Goals
Other interview preparation topics to research include the following:
The company's current standing.
Types of clients.

Position that the company offers that you are interested in pursuing.
The appropriate interview preparation before the official meeting with the interviewer will lead to more impressive answers to interviewer's questions.

Now you may have been led to believe that there is not a single known best way to prepare for an interview - but boy are you wrong!
While it is true that you must utilize every resource available, the truth is that you need professional help.
But look, to actually have a private coaching lesson could cost you a couple thousand easy. So, what's the solution?

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