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Interview Strategies To Get That Dream Job

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Successful interview strategies may just prove to be the key to land your dream job. With the huge competition for the best jobs today, it is imperative that you prepare yourself with successful strategies that set you apart from the crowd of job hunters. It is not just your qualification, but also your body language and how you present yourself at the interview that matters.

Important Interview Strategies and Tips
Here are some important interview strategies that can help you make the mark.
1. Making the First Impression: You need to project a professional attitude and image, while seeming to be relaxed at the same time. However, make sure that you don't come off as arrogant. Keep good eye contact and keep your handshake firm, as these are considered as signs of honesty and integrity. Try and assess the interviewer's mood, tone, body language and the rate of speech, and adjust your communication accordingly.

2. The Interview: Be positive and honest during the interview. Seek inputs from your interviewers about the type of position and the kind of person they are looking for. This information will help you later in the interview to sell your strengths. Promote your strong points whenever needed appropriately but don't dwell on your weaknesses. Customize your communication according to the interviewer's attitude and position, whether he is a psychologist, a human resource company representative or maybe your future supervisor. Once you know the answer to these, use the appropriate body language and communication style. Also, before you actually go for the interview, make sure you do some research on the company. Familiarize yourself with the company's website, its mission and other such relevant information. Make sure you know about any current developments at the company. This will show the employers that you have done the home work and are really interested in the company. Before you finally close the interview, make sure that you ask some questions whenever you get the opportunity. As you close the interview, thank the interviewer and inquire what the next step of the process will be.

3. The Follow Up: Following up appropriately after an interview can be one of the most crucial aspects of getting the job. Within a few days of the interview (preferably within one or two days) send in a letter personally thanking the interviewer. In this age of emails, letters send out a completely different message and are bound to get you noticed. The letter should not be longer than one page and apart from thanking the interviewer, also mention how hiring you will benefit the organization. However, if you still have not got any communication from the organization within two weeks, you can send in an email or make a follow up call.
Keep these interview strategies in mind and prepare accordingly. If you are job hunting, make sure you visit Once you register with them, they can help you get on the fast track to your dream job.


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