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Interview Tips for Doctors

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Medical school does not teach marketing - unfortunately. An integral part of any medical practice is marketing. The type of marketing and the amount of time and money dedicated to the endeavor will depend on a particular practice's specialty and patient base. Some practices will market to other physicians while some practices will market directly to patients. In either case, presenting yourself as an expert in your field will be helpful. One of the best ways to set yourself up as an expert is through media interviews. Again unfortunately medical school does not teach how to be a good interviewee.

As a doctor, you have a tremendous amount of knowledge that can be provided to the community at large. Media interviews are a great way to provide that knowledge and set yourself up as an expert. Unlike paid advertising, media interviews give you an outside nod as an expert. If you are lucky enough to get an interview, make sure to make the most of the opportunity.

Dress the Part. If your interview is on television, be sure to dress appropriately. If you are going to talk about a particularly medical topic like a recent study on heart disease, dress like a doctor with a nicely pressed white coat, preferably with your name on it. If you are simply describing general treatment options, consider business attire with a well fit suit.

Answer the Questions. Don't take your interview lessons from politicians. Interviewers are interested in answers to their questions. Unfortunately most politicians are great at pushing their own agenda and not necessarily answering the questions which are asked.

Be Brief but Complete. Be brief when you answer questions. Use examples and comparisons that can be a good sound bite. But while being brief, be sure to explain what you are saying and do so in a concise manner. You want to make the interview easy for the interviewer. If you answer simply yes or no, the interviewer will be forced to create more dialog and the entire interview will be painful to watch.

Practice. If you have the opportunity for a television or radio interview, practice beforehand. Have someone interview you and record, either video or just audio, and watch the interview. Most interview segments on the news are 3 minutes segments. Interviews that are part of a new story may only have 5-10 seconds of your information. Radio interviews can be anything from a minute or two to 30 minutes or longer. Be sure to get a feel for how long your interview is supposed to last.

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