Thursday, January 10, 2013

Interview Tips for Employers

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If part of your job description is conducting interviews for potential employees, you know how important an effective interview is in getting to know someone beyond their resume. A candidate with the right resume may not be a good match in terms of temperament and personality, so knowing how to tailor an interview to obtain the information you need is invaluable. Even professionals with human resource training can sometimes see an interview as a mere formality and forget the subtle and not so subtle signs of an interviewee who just isn't right for the job. Here are five things that will help you conduct a productive and effective interview.

1. Do your research before the interview. Remember, an interview is about getting to know the person and not restating the basics of their career. Familiarize yourself with their resume and application materials before the interview. Social media is also an invaluable source of information, resources like Facebook and Google can give you a more well-rounded view of a person's activities.

2. Know your parameters. Staying clear of questions that violate civil rights and privacy is a must. Human resource training usually gives a good overview of questions that are off limits and could possibly bring legal action. In general, questions about race, sex, genetic predisposition to illness and disability are not allowed. Review your training notes if ever unclear or uncertain.

3. Set a positive tone. Even though an interview is designed to give you a well-rounded picture of your candidate's abilities and character, creating a hostile environment will stifle your candidate's responses. Ultimately, it will prevent you from getting a clear idea of who they really are. Beginning with some casual conversation and explaining the interview process is a good way to help them feel at ease.

4. Be open for questions. If you remember your first job interview, you were as curious about them as they were about you, so be willing to answer questions from your candidate. This will give you some idea about how much they know about the organization and their level of interest. It also lets them address more serious topics like salary.

5. Take notes. Do not get too engrossed in the conversation to the point where you forget to make notes of significant events during the interview. If a candidate brings up something that you think may compromise their chances of employment, or if they have work experience or a skill set that sets them apart from the others, write it down. It will make reviewing candidates a lot easier.

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