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Job Interview Do's and Don'ts

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Many of the Do's and Don'ts in job interviews are a bit simpler than people may think. Four main subjects are usually the focus, if you truly want to make the best impression. Those are body language, proper speech, a show of personality, and proper dress and grooming.

When it comes to body language, you can actually "say" more than you mean to. DO make eye contact with the interviewer, and try to maintain it throughout the interview -- it shows you are seriously interested about the position applying for. DO smile and try to relax. It has been proven that, if you force yourself to smile for a few minutes, it will actually relax you and become a genuine smile. DO sit up straight when in a chair -- it shows that you are paying attention. DON'T have ping-pong-eyes! When you dart your eyes around, and avoid eye contact, you give the impression you may be untruthful, or disinterested. DON'T sit there like a statue - just try not to make unnecessary movements (like tapping your foot) that can be distracting to the interviewer.

DO speak clearly and respectfully. Avoid a lot of "Um's" and "Ah's". DON'T use slang or profanity - it gives the impression of being uneducated. DO show a bit of your personality. Let the interviewer know that you can be yourself - whether it is humorous, nice, outgoing, etc. DON'T become a chatterbox, and spill your life story. Also, DON'T start showing off your tattoos and piercings (unless, of course, it is part of the job description!).

DO clean yourself up! This means conservative clothes, like a nice button-up shirt or blouse, and some casual (not jeans) pants. A decent dress or skirt is nice for the women, but try to keep the nightclub flesh-flaunting ones in the closet (once again, unless the job calls for it!). DO take a shower, put on some deodorant, fix your hair (and make-up, for the ladies), and get to the interview ON TIME! DON'T dress in everyday wear - it leaves the impression that you did not feel like making an effort. DON'T douse yourself in cologne or perfume to cover up the need for a shower. DO dress for the appropriate job interview. A mechanic may dress different than a banker. Likewise, a teacher may dress different than a nightclub hostess.
Last, and perhaps the most important - BE ON TIME! There is nothing worse for a prospective applicant to do, than to be late for their own interview. DO leave plenty of extra time to get to the company you are interviewing for. It does not matter if you are ten minutes late - that just gives you about five minutes to collect yourself for the upcoming interview. DO walk in about five minutes early - better that they apologize for being tardy, than you doing so. DON'T be late - this can break you before you get started. Being late for an interview gives the impression that you may be late for work on a semi-regular basis, and what employer wants that?


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