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Job Interview Dos & Don'ts

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Welcome reader! By opening this web page you are basically opening the doors of human resource and hiring manager offices across the USA. As a corporate recruiter consultant, for over twenty years I work closely with hiring managers, human resource professionals and of course job-candidates.

My job has me working anywhere from 3 months to 2 years at a single company then I'll move on to the next company to help them staff people to fill their open positions of employment. My career has allowed me to work in many different H.R. departments across the U.S.A. I've witnessed first-hand what a company both wants and needs in their next new employee. Today you will step inside my office and learn what are some of the dos and don'ts for conducting an effective interview.

Do Preparefor the interview by reviewing the company web site and all details provided by the recruiter and the job description. Search the internet for additional information about the company and the type of job that you will be interviewing for.

Don't ask appropriate questions at inappropriate times. It's OK to ask about benefits, pay and work hours but save these questions for when the interviewer seems genuinely interested in hiring you. Go ahead and ask these questions at the end of the interview but don't make them the only questions that you ask the interviewer. I've seen my fair share of job applicants turned down for a job offer because their questions focused solely on how much time they will have off, can they come in late, leave early, how much over-time pay can they expect, does the company provide re-imbursement for parking, etc... The applicant appears fixated on what the company can provide for them thus diminishing any expectations that the employee is eager to contribute to the company's future health and welfare.

Do, during the final interview process, mention any impending vacations or special events that you have already arranged and will require time off for if hired.

Do communicate intelligently. Use proper grammar, make eye contact and speak clearly.

Don't lie. If you have one semester or even one class left to finish your degree don't say that you have the degree. If you were fired say so without sounding whiney or angry with your past employer. If you were fired you can impress your interviewer by telling them what you have learned from that humbling experience. Not everyone has been fired but everyone has had to overcome obstacles in life, showing the ability to learn from your obstacles is an admirable trait.

Do show enthusiasm. Smile. Provide more than one word answers. During the course of the conversation let the interviewer know how you have prepared for the interview.

Don't be negative. No matter how rotten your past employment situations were always have something positive to say about them. Never speak ill of your boss, co-workers or patients. Your next employer might think that you will talk about them in the same negative light at some point in the future.

Do dress professionally.Leave the scrubs in the locker room, the low-riding jeans at home and the revealing tops in the closet. It is better to risk being over-dressed than under-dressed.

Don't forget to thank the interviewer for their time and for the opportunity to discuss the position you are interviewing for. You can verbally thank the interviewer at the close of the interview as well as by sending them a follow-up email or hand-written thank-you note. Your thank-you message should reiterate your interest in the position highlighting a few key reasons as to why your skills would be a good match for the role. Always provide your full contact information with any correspondence that you have with the interviewer.
I'd like to close this article by saying, 'Thank You', thank you reader for taking the time to read this article. I wish you well with your job search efforts.


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