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Job Interview Mistakes Plus How to Avoid Them

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Job interview mistakes, man just thinking of going on a job interview use to make my stomach turn and forget about sleep the night before, sound familiar. After all your life is on display, being picked apart and trying to validate all your qualities in front of someone who will or will not hire you. But with some education about some common job interview mistakes, you can get that sleep the night before and abound with confidence as you try to land that position.

I can't stress this enough, being prepared is essential in successful interviewing. I have gone into an interview thinking I can handle anything they throw at me. But you know you get caught off guard by some easy question like, 'What are your strengths and weaknesses". Man, the first time I was asked that question I was dumb founded and it showed in my answer.

The interviewer has a system of question to get a sneak peek inside who you are and what you have to offer. After getting myself prepared I was really excited and could not wait for my next interview knowing how to increase my odds to land that position.

Similarly, no matter how long you plan to keep the job you're applying for, never let on that you might not be as permanent an employee as your potential boss may want. Watch your words carefully to avoid letting on the length of time in which you really plan to be employed by your interviewer's organization. If you're planning to stick around for a while, that's great. If not, try to minimize the potential damage without lying. Even temporary workers are expected to show some ambition in regards to their careers, and long-term employment is traditionally seen as an indicator of reliability. If your work history shows that you've been bouncing between jobs frequently, prepare some good reasons for why you've been so nomadic in regards to employment, preferably with a good, rational explanation for leaving each job, if possible.

Preparation helps eliminate job interview mistakes and is something that people often overlook. You can't go into it without some sort of a plan of action. If your resume doesn't have the best information about your work history, you'll want to have some answers to try and explain them. A little research into the organization you're trying to work for (as well as researching the person interviewing you) can go a long way. Also, if you really want to make an impression on your interviewer, bring a small list of question about the position you would like him or her to answer for you. This will show them your really interested and that you are going that extra mile a quality all employers like.

All it takes to land the job that you've set your eyes on is some self-confidence, a little know-how and good pre-interview planning. Your interviewer will be very impressed that you know your own abilities and have done your homework.

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