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Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

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There's no doubt that going on a job interview is a critical portion of a job candidate's application process. If you were lucky enough to have a resume that got you through the door, the interview will provide you with an opportunity to further prove that you're right for the position.

Many job candidates falter once they get into a job interview, though, and end up "missing their mark." Very small mistakes can quickly add up in an interview, and this can ruin your chances of getting a job. So before going on your next interview, take a look at these mistakes that could definitely ruin it.

Don't Arrive Late (or Too Early)
One fatal error that could hurt your chances of acquiring the position you desire is to arrive to the job interview late. Often, a hiring manager has several interviews scheduled close together, and you throw a wrench into the works by not respecting his time. If you show up late, you give an indication of what the employer could expect from you as an employee - not a good thing.
However, it's also good to keep in mind that arriving too early could work against you too. While arriving 15 minutes prior to the interview is perfectly acceptable, arriving 30 minutes early could also through off the interviewer's schedule and is generally frowned upon.

Don't Trash a Previous Employer
If you had a bad experience with a previous employer, don't tell the prospective employer about it. For instance, never talk about how you disagreed with your last boss at every turn, and instead, simply say that you'd left because your goals didn't line up with the missions of the company. But to say that the manager "sucks" will likely leave a bad taste in the interviewers mouth.

Don't Get Too "Familiar"
Some hiring managers have complained that job applicants often get too familiar or friendly with them during an interview. If you're talking about your bad kids or mentioning the wart on your back, you may not get called back for the position.

Don't Dress Inappropriately (or Sloppy)
We all know that wearing a t-shirt or provocative attire is unacceptable during an interview, but many employers also frown upon attire that looks cheap, or even you not ironing your suit or having scuffs in your shoes. Remember, if there's ever a time to look your best, it's during a job interview.

Don't Question Pay and Benefits Too Soon
You may be anxious to know whether the position you're interested in will pay will or offer health insurance benefits, but the time to ask is not when you walk through the door for the interview. If during the interview, you're offered the position then it's good to be prepared to negotiate. Hold off until that point, though, and you won't seem too presumptuous.
If you think in terms of what you should and should not do in an interview, you can strengthen your chances of getting the position you want. Besides, what's the point in working so hard on a resume if you're just going to sabotage the efforts in your interview?

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