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Job Interview Preparation - Key To Success

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A number of interview experts stress the importance of preparation prior to the job interview. As most of the interviews are based around competency based questions it is vital that candidates master the correct technique and learn the strategy to answer interview questions in the correct way.

Many interviewers report that candidates come for interviews unprepared, with the notion that they would do well, however when they are asked to demonstrate their skills and abilities in the form of competency based questions many of them get stuck or become very inarticulate in their responses. This may result in poor impression of their interest in the job or role they apply for and thus one could argue that their chances to get the job might be lower. However, these candidates may argue that it is impossible to prepare for the interview as it is not possible to predict questions the interviewer is likely to ask.

It must be acknowledged that one may not predict the exact questions the employer would ask the potential prospect however, it is reasonable to suggest that one may expect type of questions that interviewer would ask. That is, the interview questions that you are likely to be asked would be based around the profile of an ideal person for the job or role you applied. For example, if one would apply for technical engineering role some proportion of the questions would be based around technical engineering, skills and abilities that would be required for the job itself.

However, there are various types of interviews and for each type of interview applicant need preparation. The most popular type of interviews that individuals are likely to come across are competency based interviews. In competency based interviews candidates are asked to demonstrate their skills and abilities that are related directly to the job or role they apply. There is a specific format to answer these questions often referred to as STAR technique that is S-situation, T-task, A-action and R-results. In short, individuals need to briefly describe the situation or task and then they need to describe action they took in detail along with the result or outcome of their action.

Candidates that master this approach and prepare the answers for competency questions in the above format tend to score high and are likely to be confident in their responses and thus have great chances to leave professional impression during their interview. Therefore, one may argue that preparation is key to success.

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