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Job Interview Preparation Similar to Game Preparation

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Effective preparation for a job interview starts with a lot of the same things that go into getting ready for a game, match or race. Much as an athlete studies the game film and tendencies of the opposition, wise job seekers study up on all the information available on the company that will be interviewing them.
Just as it is important for an athlete to know his or her opposition's tendencies, a good interviewee must anticipate what the company is looking for, and be prepared to show how they will fill that need. Obviously, the more you know about the company's practices and tendencies, the better able you will be to show them how hiring you will benefit them.

Obviously, a good place to start is the company's website. Make sure and read everything including press releases and all the mundane and seemingly unimportant information there. By reading all of it, you will likely begin to get a feel for the company's values and an understanding of how it operates. You never know where you will find that nugget of info that gives you the edge over the competition. Read over the website several times, for the same reason athletes and coaches review their game films repeatedly, because they don't want to miss anything and neither do you.

Another way teams and athletes gain an advantage is by studying how other teams or players were successful against their upcoming opponent. You can do this by reading articles about the company's competitors various strategies. Perhaps you will even stumble across a piece of information there that the company has overlooked, and use that to your benefit in the interview. Any advantage you can exploit is crucial in the competitive environment we live in today.

Finally, but only after you have done all your research on the company, you can begin to prepare yourself mentally for the interview. With all the knowledge you have at your disposal, begin to visualize the actual interviews you will be going through with the company. Have fun with it and try and cover every angle. Imagine the interview being conducted by a variety of different people: old, young, male, female, tall, short, fat, skinny, etc. The more situations you put yourself through in your imagination, the less likely you will be nervous or thrown by whatever ends up happening in the actual interview.

Most of my clients have had remarkable success using visual rehearsals, and the more you use them the more effective (and fun) they become for you. I have staked my professional life on the notion that preparation is the key to success. Anxiety and nervousness are what you feel when you are not properly prepared. If you focus on the fundamentals of your preparation you will more than likely end up getting the results you are hoping for a lot sooner. My most successful clients focus on the process and their preparation, not winning or losing.
So focus on getting ready for the interview, not getting the job, and you will likely experience similar success in your endeavors.

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