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Job Interview Preparation - The Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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If you have obtained a job interview, then you probably have already passed a test of sorts- you probably exhibit at least some of the basic qualifications for the position for which you're interviewing. So now what? You have the education, you have the experience, and you have the interview, but you can't just print out your resume and iron your business suit. Even if you are immensely qualified to hold the position for which you're interviewing, preparing to ace that job interview requires that you hone some skills that are perhaps outside of your job skills set. You may be asking why job interview preparation is necessary- why can't your resume just speak for you? As arbitrary and tedious as job interview preparation may feel, you absolutely need to do it. Preparing for your job interviews gives you the resources and confidence to let your true abilities and work values shine through, and it conveys to your interviewer that you are a serious and thoughtful candidate.

So what does job interview preparation entail? The most vital part of job interview preparation is the research you can do about your potential employer and the position that you'll hopefully be filling. Internet searches and trips to the library can help you discern and better understand the workings, history, and mission of your potential company, which in turn may help you focus your experiences (and resume) so that you can present a professional narrative full of relevant points and accomplishments. Research will help you think of meaningful questions you might have about the company or position, which you will probably be given the opportunity to ask at the interview's end.

You also need to think about logistics. How are you going to arrive at your interview? What kind of security does the building have? What should you wear? Getting these logistical issues out of the way prior to your interview will help you arrive on time, relaxed, and ready to talk about work. Nothing is less impressive than a tardy and disheveled job candidate.

Looking at sample interview questions and preparing answers of your own may seem like a lot of work, but it's a remarkably important part of job interview preparation. You simply cannot "just wing it." What if the interviewer asks you a question about something negative (low college GPA, frequent job changing) that they see in your resume? You want to be able to quickly and deftly assure them that your seeming flaw will not impact their organization or your work in any way. Preparing for positive questions (what are your three greatest strengths?) is just as important as preparing for the negative; you want to be able to show your interviewer that you have a good handle on yourself and know where you stand professionally. You don't want to waste time 'um-ing' and thinking; you want to be able to churn out thoughtful answers as you're asked them.

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