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Job Interview Questions to Ask During Interviews - Do's and Don't's

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It's now towards the end of your interview and you interviewer is wrapping the whole thing up. Suddenly, he asks if there is anything that you'd like to ask him. Some may go blank and say not a thing but some may actually have a few questions that could impress potential employers. You see, interviews are not just about you being asked, it's actually your chance to get to know more about the company and the job that you are applying for to see if you will indeed fit. In spite of the opportunity, remember that you are still being observed, so you might as well prepare for this part, and think over the job interview questions to ask towards the end of your interview.

Before going to the possible questions to ask during the interview, let's start with those that you should NOT ask.

Don't ever say that you don't have questions at all. Your interviewer might look at this as though you're not that serious about joining their company. After all, if you think of long-term partnership, it's natural that you will want to know more about the organization that you will hopefully spend the rest of your productive career with. The company's website may offer sufficient information, but there are definitely bits and pieces of information that are not uploaded.

Don't ask what the company does - meaning, its line of business. This one can be found in the websites and you should have also done your own share of research. Besides, it is expected that you already know this prior sending application.

And lastly, you don't ask if you're already hired and how much vacation leave you are entitled to. Let them offer you the job first and provide further information on benefits.
The list of possible questions to ask during interviews can go on, but they all revolve around the position you are applying for and the factors affecting the performance of your duty.
The following are the possible job interview questions to ask:
• What is the scope of your duties and responsibilities?
• Why was it vacated? Who is your immediate supervisor?
• How would you describe a typical week/day in this position?
• What is the culture of the organization? Are there norms and practices that are peculiar to this company alone?
• Does that work includes travel to other areas and would it entail possible relocation?
• What are the issues concerning my department and your role to address these concerns?
• What's the direction, expansion plan, long-term goal that the company is working on?
• What's the extend of the company's development program for its employees?
• How is the company's reward and promotions policy?
• When are you going to hear from them?
Make your interview a two-way street. As the interviewer tries to ascertain if you will be an asset in their company, you should also determine if this company will help you improve as a person and a professional by coming up with the right job interview questions to ask.

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