Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Job Interview Strategies - The Fine Art of the Follow-Up

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There are two main components to following up to a job interview - sending thank you notes and getting agreement on next steps. And you need to do both.

The protocol on thank you notes keeps evolving with the technology. For many years the accepted best practice was to send a hand written thank you note on good quality monarch-sized stationary - hand written and hand stamped. That rule still holds but, in today's wired society, that note should be preceded by a brief email.

The email should be sent the same day as the interview and the snail mail note within 48 hours. And a different note gets sent to every person you talked to with a reference to something the two of you talked about - even if you were interviewed by a panel.

The second key follow-up is to find out before you leave what the next steps are and what the timetable is for those steps. Don't put yourself in the position of waiting for weeks on end for a phone call that doesn't come. If they tell you that the next round of interviews will be next week or that the decision will be made then, ask them if it would be okay for you to call them if you don't hear from them by Friday morning.
It's a reasonable request and, since people don't like to deliver bad news, they are unlikely to contact you if you are not the winning candidate. However, you have no way of knowing what emergency or corporate priority has put the decision on the back burner between your interview and the then-expected decision date.

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