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Job Interview Strategies For Teens

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Strategy To Prepare For An Interview:
- Conduct A Self-Assessment: The assessment will help you to know your strengths, weakness and interests. Once you are aware of them you will feel more confident when attending an interview. According to a number of career advisors, teenagers, especially girls, tend to be shy and nervous. Some of them are either low on confidence or too modest about their achievements. Teenagers need to exercise self-confidence and express their skills and capabilities effectively.
- Gather Information About The Nature Of The Job: A job seeker must know the nature of the job before going through the interview. Read the job description carefully to find out about the requirements of the employer. Match your skills with their requirements and make sure that you can do justice to the task at hand.
- Try To Make A Positive Impression On The Employer: Many employers seek assurance from teenage jobseekers. They have a number of questions on punctuality and reliability. Quite a few teenagers work as well as attend classes and study, so it is up to each individual to assure the employer that they will be regular and punctual.
- Practice Mock Interviews: Enlist the help of your friends and family in conducting mock interviews. This will boost your confidence and you will get an idea of the some of the questions that the employer may ask you. You can also use the Internet to find of a list of common interview questions.
- Dress Well: As a teenage job seeker you need to dress well for an interview. Avoid heavy makeup, piercings, open-shoes or revealing clothes. Dress in business attire, as it will give you a professional look.
- Be Prepared: Some employers may interview you immediately. Usually, teenage job seekers get jobs where impromptu interviews are involved. The key is to be mentally prepared whenever you personally visit an office to hand in a resume.
- Handle Anxiety: If you are overcome with anxiety or nervousness, you could ask your parents to accompany you to the place of the interview. Their presence will give you moral support and the encouragement to do well.
- Salary Expectations: The salary offered to most teenagers is usually not as much as that of professionals. So have realistic salary expectations. If you have the required skills, you can always ask for more.
Strategy For The Interview:

Getting to the interview on time will give the employer a good impression about you. Do not forget to mention details that you feel are relevant. If you have worked before, talk about your experiences on the job. Some actual work experience can increase your chances of getting the job. Display your enthusiasm by asking sensible questions to the employer. Maintain a clear voice and positive body language. Thank the employer and ask for a business card. You should to follow up on the status of your job application.

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