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Job Interview Tips - Get Your Job Interview Body Language Right

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One of the important aspects of a job interview is body language. This means using your own body language to your best advantage and also reading the body language of the interviewer. If you don't get your job interview body language right, it could cost you the job.

You might be surprised to discover what a skilled interviewer can tell about you just from reading your body language during the job interview. In fact, not just the interview itself, but just before it, if he watches you approach the building or as you are waiting in the reception area. And of course, also afterwards as on your way out after the interview is over.

Did you know that it is possible for someone to tell whether you are confident, a good team player or if you are going to tell the truth, even if you haven't opened your mouth?

With this in mind, it is important to master the basics of effective body language before you go to your next interview.

First of all, be aware that you could be being watched from the moment you are within view of the building. So there should be no slouching, smoking or other behaviour which could be perceived as negative as you arrive. The way you behave as you are waiting is also important and may be scrutinized. So you should wait calmly and interact politely with anyone you meet.

If the interviewer holds out a hand, shake it firmly, introduce yourself politely and make eye contact. Sit up straight and be careful not to slouch as this gives the impression you are bored or lazy.

When the interviewer is speaking, lean forward slightly as this conveys interest and shows you are listening. You should also make appropriate eye contact throughout the interview. This means making eye contact in a natural and unforced way. Staring intensely at someone is very off-putting and should be avoided. If there are several interviewers, make a point of making eye contact with all of them when they ask a question.
Don't cross your arms and legs, since this makes you look as if you are on the defensive or very tense. Putting your hands behind your head is often a sign of confidence or that you feel superior and therefore to be avoided in an interview.

Avoid any nervous mannerisms, like tapping on a table or chair or fidgeting with a pen or tissue. The interviewer will expect you to be a little nervous, but try to be as natural as possible.

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