Monday, January 7, 2013

Job Interview Tips - Reasons Why "Studied Informality" Will Work Better

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1) What NOT to think before your next professional job interview: Minimize its importance with following head trash, "How hard can this be?" or "I have been on dozens of interviews, no worries!" or "I've done all my homework, what can they ask me that will throw me for a loop?" or "Being nervous is a good thing. Adrenalin can only help me do better!"

2) What TO DO before your next professional job interview: Adopt Sales Meeting thinking. It's what an interview is. You are there, sorry, to "sell you." If that turns you off, consider this: Marketer Mike Litman writes why people buy. (Modified to why they hire). Results, Solutions, Promises you make, Past Successes, Opinions of others, Honesty, and you are Believable (seem Honest). Got it?

3) What you must DO before your next professional job interview: Achieve "Studied Informality". Like a seasoned performer, "own" the room. You are so well prepared (no memorization) your replies seem spontaneous and disarming. You listen (70%) more than you talk (40%). You take early steps to increase your confidence. You test route to the interview door... no presumptions. LinkedIn check your potential new colleagues and former employees. Ensure your LinkedIn profile is current. Scope three positives about potential employer and her organization. Keyboard that information and draft answers to what are your most vexing questions. Employment gaps. Overlapping jobs. Short tenures. Experience misses. Why you did not complete degree.

How? You commit to hours, even days of practice. You act like you are preparing for political debate. You acquire online and study Target Selection or Behavior-Based stealth interview instructions used to train hiring officials. You paint with words tightly told (less than 60 seconds) personal stories of what you DID do, not what you WOULD do.

You practice, practice, practice answers to every possible legitimate (non-trick, non-puzzle) interview question. Craft answers to "chestnut" (old hat) queries too. Adopt, "It's not what you say that wins the day; it's how you say it". Studied Informality.

You care not if there is one interviewer or a bevy who fire questions at you. You have done video dry runs and addressed critiques using Skype or Google+ Hangouts. You rehearsed in-person with volunteer interview pros and have video camera rolling. You have read used and in good condition, Sweaty Palms: The Neglected Art of Being Interviewed (library edition available).
Too much? If you are best-prepared person at "sales meetings," you gain the upper hand and trump competing applicants you'll never meet.

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