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Occupational Therapy Assistant Interview Tips

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After completing all certification and training to become an occupational therapy assistant there's one more crucial step towards your new career. You have to pass an interview!
The best advice is to be you. You have worked hard and have rightfully earned your degree as an occupational therapist assistant. Go into the interview with confidence but not cockiness.
Make sure to wear a professional outfit, including a tie for men or a nice business jacket for women. Leave your cellphone off or better yet in the car. Arrive ten minutes early and be patient in the waiting area. When you are called forth for the interview make sure you smile and make eye contact.
As you are being interviewed listen carefully to each question. Don't feel rushed into answering the questions as it will come across as rushed.
Either the manager from human resources or the occupational therapist or a combination of the two will interview you. Though no two interviews will ever be the same here are some of the most common you will find.
  1. As an Occupational Therapist Assistant was is the number one priority at all times while on the job?
  2. Do you think some patients should get preference over others? Please explain.
  3. How long do you plan on working here? Do you have any other plans in the medical field?
  4. If you saw a patient being mistreated by a co-worker, is it best to talk to them first or report the incident to a supervisor?
  5. According to your transcripts, you only attained a B grade on Rehabilitation Theory. Why do you think that is?
  6. In your own words, describe what an Occupational Therapist Assistant is and their job duties.
If you happen to get a question you don't know be honest and tell interviewer,
I don't know the answer, but I do know this and I would find out more by asking this or doing that.
This will show creativeness and willingness to solve problems.
There may be a point when you are asked if you have any questions for them. Some great questions you can ask back are,
What is the turnover rate?
Is there room for job growth and advancement?
What happened to the last person who held this position?
Are there any specific goals you would like to see my position/area achieve in the next year?
Depending on the office you may be given a tour of the facility. This is a great time to ask questions about the different areas of the building and meet other occupational therapy assistants. Listen carefully while the tour is being given.
At the end of the interview you will either be offered the job or be told that if you're considered you will receive a call back. Politely ask what time frame you are looking at. If you are offered the job make sure to say thank you.

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