Friday, January 18, 2013

Passing the Video Final Job Interview

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Just as how important it is to know how to answer job interview questions well, mastering the right method of dealing with video interviews is crucial. Some people find themselves dismayed by a denied application even if they were able to hit the right keywords to say during an interview. If you are one of these people who are constantly upset at not having to pass a video final interview, you should read and take note of these important points.

Passing a video job interview would depend on your technical concern and aesthetic taste. Aside from being familiar with your resume, curriculum vitae and mastering the right sentences to impress you potential client, you need to use the appropriate technology to successfully put your message across. Investing on a high power computer and choosing the best internet connection subscriber should be your primary interests before accepting any proposed interview schedule.

You also need to get a high quality webcam, microphone and headphones. Latest computers and laptops already have high capacity webcams, so all you need to do is check if the setting puts just the right amount of brightness and contrast to your video. If you own an older computer model, you can purchase better quality webcams from the nearest tech store.

Good quality headphones are also sold by numerous companies so you are sure to have enough choices before buying. Make sure that your headphones can do noise reduction for both speakers and microphone. You don't want you interviewer to hear unnecessary noise that could cause you the job.
After being ready with your computer, internet connection, webcam and headphones, you now need to focus more on branding yourself. Branding here means paying attention to what your aesthetic preference tells about you. That means you need to concentrate on what you are dressed in and what your surroundings show. You will want to do further research about the company you are applying for before doing something, though.

Just like traditional job interviews, it is important for you to connect with your future employers. You need to adapt your branding to the type of business the company is going for. If the company is into cars and fashion, you need to consider looking a little classy and sophisticated. Wearing jewelries will become necessary. If the company is more into humanitarian efforts and other advocacy driven concerns, you need to dress down a little and show your care for nature by wearing light colored clothes and less make up.

After choosing the right clothes and accessories to wear, you now need to focus on one of the most crucial details for a video interview which is also usually taken for granted, the background. The background refers to those decorations you set up on your wall just behind where you show your face. Employers are able to take note of this especially when the elements seen are inconsistent to their industry's vision, mission and goal. You don't want to put a sexy picture of men and women when you are applying for gender-based advocacy organization. You also don't want to leave an empty wall when you want to express an interest for fashion. A simple photograph that would exhibit your flavor for life will enlighten your potential employer about how vibrant you are as a person. And take this; employers are always attracted to people who are full of life.

Thinking that the requirements to land a job are all too many and expensive? Don't. Shift your heart to what really matters. All of these efforts and investments will be rewarded once you finally get your dream job.

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