Monday, January 28, 2013

Professional Format Tips For Thank You Letter After Second Interviews

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It is not enough that you have kept your thank you letter after second interviews neat, light, casual and a little bit funny, but most of the times, it is in the finer details that separates great thank you letters from those that aren't. Here are some tips on how to write thank you letters and notes in a personal yet professional format.
First, keep it pithy. This means, keep your thank you letter after second interviews short and simple. Your prospective employer would probably be in a hurry with all his paperwork and scheduled tasks for the day.
Make it convenient for him or her to digest all the information he or she needs to accept you. Your letter should highlight your personality, your good traits, your potential contributions to your prospective job as well as the finer details of the interview that were neglected and need to be clarified. Aside from being succinct, spell-check and proof-read your thank you letter. All of these should be done in around three to five sentences - enough to be read and digested in three to five minutes. Here's a tip, if you have to reread one complex sentence either break it down to two or revise the whole idea into one simple sentence.

Second, write neatly and legibly. Write in block or semi-block style. There are resources on the Net that can help you with this. Sure, writing your thank you letter after second interviews by hand would add to that 'personal' touch but bad handwriting gets in the way of reading and understanding the letter. This makes your thank you letters more difficult to understand. It also shows that you did not put much thought into writing the letter therefore, showing your future boss an attitude of laziness and hastiness. We don't want that. If you think writing by hand would compromise the quality of your thank you letters or notes, print it out instead.

Lastly, write in a 24-hour time period. It is urgent to write the thank you letter after second interview or once accepted into your prospective job. If being creative gets in the way of completing your thank you letter or personal thank you note, leave your stalling at the door, read sample thank you letters and thank you notes online and type away a format that could be easily emailed to your boss in 24 hours. Just don't be too generic, your boss will find out. To solve this problem, tweak around with sample thank you letters online and sprinkle in some personal details. Follow the soft copy format of your thank you letter with a hard copy format. This will be an efficient and convenient way for you to pass a professional thank you letter in a very short amount of time.

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