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Resume, Cover Letter and Interview Strategies 50+

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Recent surveys have shown that there are more seniors who are now returning or sticking on to their jobs than ever before! Today, there are more 50+ workers working in the job market than at any time in the past. The terms 'white-collar' and 'blue-collar' workers have now been joined by a third adage, which is, 'The Silver-collar worker'.

With over 77 million baby boomers in the United States and only 45 million Generation-X'ers, the difference in numbers clearly define a wide gap that needs to be filled by various strategies. So, the competition in the workplace between the two generations has increased twofold over the past ten years. So, if you happen to be a baby boomer on the look out for a job, then here are a couple of resume, cover letter and interview strategies to help you get started:

Resume Strategies for the 50+
o The thumb rule for all senior workers is to put at least 15 years worth of service on the resume.
o Don't emphasize on dates. Never list your birth date and omit all college graduation dates that are more than 10 years old.
o Try toning down the job titles that you have listed on your resume so as to not seem overqualified. For instance, you can put down 'senior manager' instead of 'Vice President'.
o Make sure you list all the professional courses and development activities that you have attended as this shows that you are willing to learn.
o List all the technological and computer skills that you possess.
o Highlight accomplishments, achievements and results that set you apart from the other candidates.

Cover Letter Strategies for Senior Workers
o Older workers tend to be proud of their work histories and are prone to putting self-applauding statements in their cover letters. With so much work experience, it is probably best you don't put such cumulative experience statements in your cover letter. Instead of bragging, stick to using statements like 'extensive experience' or 'significant experience'.
o An autobiography letter that rehashes your entire job history that is already on your resume isn't a good idea. But, as an older worker it is more harmful as it draws attention to your age.
o Add in your cover letter that you are flexible, adaptable and are willing to learn.

Job Interview Strategies for Older Workers
When you go for a job interview, remember that you will probably be interviewed by someone who is younger than you, so don't get embarrassed or unnerved by the situation.
o Start by stressing on how you are so willing to work and learn. Interviews claim that the biggest setback when it comes to hiring older workers is that most of the time their skills are outdated and they aren't willing to learn.
o Suggest that you have an unsurpassable work ethic, which could be possible as compared to the younger workers.
o Convince you potential employers that your maturity will only be advantageous to them as your past experience makes you wiser in problem-solving situations.

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