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Second Interview - Avoid Failing Your Second Interview

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Being called for a second interview is the best news an aspiring applicant could have. Just being in line for the first interview is awesome, but being scheduled for the second interview is simply superb! Nonetheless, there are a lot of questions that would probably linger in your mind. It is possibly the most important part of your career opportunity, right? So how are you going to be able to make it on your second interview? Of course you should prepare for the big day.

So what are the preparations needed for the second interview? Just like your first interview, documents should be made ready. It is best to ask your employer what documents you should bring so that you can have it prepared before hand. Also, by knowing what documents to bring, it will not seem as if you brought all the documents that you could get your hands on. Most documents that are likely to be asked of you during your second interview are your transcript of records, certifications (if there are any), diploma and your portfolio.

Of course, dressing in impressive business attire during your second interview is still a must. You may not expect it but who knows, you might be introduced to the president of the company. So be sure to be in your best corporate attire. Men should be in their coat and tie attire with leather shoes and groomed hair. Most companies prefer women to be in a skirt. So for women, it is best to come in a skirt, and a formal blouse with a blazer. Shoes should be closed toes and in heels. For those women who have long hair, make sure that you tie your hair in a neat do that won't cover your face. For women with short hair, secure your hair with a clip.

You should also be prepared for an exam. Some companies have qualifying examinations during the second interview. It is best to ask ahead of time whether you are to take an exam or not. Nonetheless prepare ahead of time just in case. Also do not forget to bring a pen and a notepad in case there are things or requirements that would be asked of you. You would not want to rely on your memory for such important requirements.
Remember, these are just preparations. You are on your own during your second interview so give it your best shot.

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