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Second Interview Questions - A Second "First Impression"

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For most people, surviving the first interview is one big wave of relief. However, nowadays, most if not all companies are not contented with a one-time job interview. Most companies and organizations are now requiring job applicants to be screened at least twice or three times in a series of tests and interviews. If you are one of the many people who already passed the first interview, don't feel too confident. You might need to prepare yourself for second interview questions.

Who's Going to Ask Who?
The most common stigma for interviews is that the interviewer will be the only one who will ask questions during the interview. However, time has changed a lot of things, including the common stigma for job interviews.

Nowadays, it is already acceptable for the interviewee to ask potential employers or interviewer certain things about the job. Sometimes, job applicants who have enough guts to raise questions during interviews are the ones who have an edge in getting the job that they have been aspiring for.

Succeeding in the Second Round
Being called for a second interview only means one thing - the employer was pleased with you from the first interview and they are considering you for another round of screening and getting-to-know each other phase.
For your second interview, you will be interviewed most likely by someone who has a higher position than the first person who interviewed you. By this, it would mean that you would have to exert more effort in preparing yourself for the second interview. If you have already put your best foot forward in the first interview, you should put both feet forward in the second interview.
Since you have already been asked the basic questions in the first interview, you might want to prepare yourself for deeper or more complicated questions from the second interviewer. Similarly, you should also prepare yourself for second interview questions that you can ask your potential employer during the interview.

Preparing meaningful and significant second interview questions will definitely give your potential employer a pleasant surprise. Have a mental list of questions that you would like to ask during the interview so that you don't have to rack your brain for questions during lull or awkward moments of the interview.

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