Thursday, January 24, 2013

Successful Interview Strategies

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In my experience as a recruiter I have found that employers focus on four areas during an interview.
1. Attitude, which seems to count to about 40%
2. Appearance 25%
3. Communications skills, verbal and non verbal 25%
4. Job skill qualifications 10%

The person interviewing is there for one reason, to try to get to know you as a person. This is where your attitude can play the biggest force of your success in the interview. Likewise your appearance may be the first thing the interviewer will evaluate and the first impressions do make lasting impressions.
Make sure your outward appearance is appropriate. Be positive, friendly and enthusiastic. A word of caution sincerity is the key word when displaying positive personality attributes. Many interviewers can spot someone who over kills these qualities and see a phony a mile away.

Make sure your body language is likeable, keep in mind the power of a smile it relaxes you and usually will relax the interviewer. Its power is enormous and it cost you nothing. Remember the interview is a two-way street. It is just not an interrogation on the part of the interviewer. You have a need, too that of finding the best position that is suited to your goals, abilities, and interests. You should present a attitude of genuine interest in determining whether you are suited to the needs of the company also. So do your home work and ask good questions too.

Remember be relaxed, no matter what you say or do in a interview, you will do it better if you are relaxed. I hope these tips will help when you are interviewing for your next position.

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