Friday, January 18, 2013

Telephone Interview: 3 Mistakes To Avoid Disaster On Telephone Interview

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One of the most challenging interview types is the phone interview. It is this crucial 2nd impression that will determine if you will land the job. One of the first mistakes to avoid is to not prepare for the phone interview. One simple secret is to practice, practice, and practice telephone answers. Get a list of sample interview questions, if you don't have one Google it or get it from my website below.

The next step is to find a friend that can give you constructive criticism on your interview answers. For me it's my mother, my mother can grill me alive with interview questions and I can't get upset with her.
On the phone interview the number one mistake you can make is to sound flat or monotone. The person interviewing you will attempt to visualize you in there head. So it is imperative that you have an upbeat and positive tone when talking to your potential employer. An easy way to sound enthusiastic is to listen to your favorite upbeat song. For me its theme song to the rocky movies this always gets me in gear for speaking.
A second way to pump up your enthusiasm interview is to get a good workout right before the telephone interview. By getting your heart rate up and blood pumping you create oxygen for your brain this will help you think on the fly with your telephone answers. Since you're not doing a visual interview the employer can't smell those old gym socks.

And one of the most crucial mistakes to make is to not sound confident in your answers. If you can't sound confident in your telephone interview the employer will move on to the next candidate. One way to ensure that you sound confident is to answer the question in your head before you speak. By answering the interviewer's question in your mind you can work out any problems with your response. Another way to respond confidently is to slow down with your answers, remember that your telephone interview is slotted for at least an hour. Don't rush your statements.

Finally make sure that you are prepared and organized doing before the telephone interview. If there is any opportunity for noise during your call eliminate it Advise family and friends not to call during that time frame so there will be no unnecessary interruptions. By avoiding these critical mistakes, you will give yourself an excellent chance at landing your dream job.

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