Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Teleseminar Interview Strategies - 5 Tips On Interviewing Techniques For Your Next Teleseminar

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When you interview someone for a teleseminar you must make sure that the interview gives your listener good, solid information. There is nothing worse than hearing two people engage in a conversation while the teleseminar attendees are waiting to get good content they can use in their own business. Here are 5 tips on how to hold an interview style teleseminar that will be useful and enjoyable to everyone involved.
  • Decide in advance what the teleseminar will cover. Discuss the content over the phone with the person you will interview, or at least be in communication through email leading up to the day of the teleseminar.
  • Have a list of agreed upon questions that you will use during the teleseminar. These questions should be in a sequential and logical order so that the conversation is easy for the listeners to follow.
  • Allow the listeners to interact with you at various points during the call. You may be able to open up the line, depending on how many people are on the live call, or you can use a system that allows the listeners to type in and submit their questions throughout the call. This will engage your listeners and make them more responsive to any offers you make during the call.
  • Be sure to spell your name and website and that of your interviewee at least twice during the teleseminar. If you use a system to record your teleseminars that puts up a webpage, this will be an easier process for everyone.
  • Make sure that everyone listening goes away with useful information that they can take action on immediately. If you include a study guide, write some action questions and include a resource page for people to refer to during and after the teleseminar.
Use these 5 tips when you interview someone on a teleseminar. Your business will change completely by following these tips on your teleseminars.

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