Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Job Interview Process: Finish Strong!

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The job interview is over. You leave the room and building with a big sigh of relief. You think you've done well but you never know. You're already thinking out what you have to do the balance of the day. The job search has been a real learning experience.

Don't get ahead of yourself. You still have some very important things to do to finish strong with this job interview.

If you took notes during the interview and importantly if you didn't take notes now is the time to finish up writing out the content of the interview. Do it as soon as possible, even sitting in your car in the parking lot.
Here are the questions you have to answer. Who did you meet-their names and titles? What did they tell you about the job? The most important skills and the least important skills associated with the job? What went well with the interview? Why? What seemed to go poorly? Why? When will you have an answer? Who do you follow-up with? What questions did you ask? What were their answers? Any open issues or concerns? What specific questions were asked? How did you answer? Do you need any improvements in answering questions?

Of immediate concern is to analyze what parts of the interview that you think went poorly. Overall the winning candidate usually gets the job because they have the fewest negatives. Your performance analysis should examine if there are any negatives. Now your challenge is to overcome possible negatives with your thank your letter and hopefully subsequent interviews.

An individual thank you letter should be sent to each person you interviewed with. Each thank you letter should make clear that you understood what was said, you understood the importance of the information provided and you are excited about the job.

The thank you letter should be sent within one day, and if the decision was going to be made in a couple of days after the interview, send it overnight.

The thank you letter is an additional opportunity to clear up any objections or to add to an answer that needs to be strengthened. Objections not answered means you don't make the sale.
Overall the thank you letter should play back some of the comments made by the interviewer. You recognize the importance of a key skill required in the job. What were you impressed with about the company? Let them know this.

Tell them know you are looking forward to the challenges of the position and you are confident you will do well in the position.

Now do something that few do in writing their thank you letters. Ask for the job. Be positive and enthusiastic about the opportunity.

Finally, express appreciation for their time. Now you've finished strong and done everything you can to put you ahead of the other candidates.

One final thing, effective interviewing is a product of experience and preparation. Ask yourself, what can you improve? How are you going to make the next interview better? Acting on the answers to these questions, if for some reason, you do not get the job you just interviewed for will move you over the finish line in your next job interview.

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