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Tips For Interview - Interview Preparation

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Preparation is crucial when interviewing for a job. If you don't completely prepare yourself for your future interview you might as well stay at home because the interview will be a waste of time. Preparation does not mean psyching yourself up to make sure you enter the interview guns blazing. It is the review process you need to follow ahead of time in order to appropriately present yourself as a prospective employee. Complete these 4 easy steps in order to completely prepare yourself for that next big interview.

Step 1 - Identify
Generate an inventory of skills you regard as either strengths or weaknesses. Of most significance are your strengths. You will need to emphasize these points right through the interview. Creating a list ahead of time ensures you will have the ability to provide skills that you can discuss throughout the interview. It will also help jog your memory so you aren't struggling to remember them.

Next, you must recognize your personality traits. These are positive qualities regarding your personality and attitude. This is beyond doubt easier to convey during an interview once you have prepared yourself. Since people don't think about their personality traits as often as their strengths or weaknesses (everyone knows precisely what they are good at or have trouble with) preparation here is critical.

Finally, write down all relevant jobs where you have worked, and/or the education you have completed. alongside each job or educational accomplishment, list the job responsibilities required of you and/or which areas of your industry you learned about during your academic experience. Clearly identifying the responsibilities, errands, courses, projects, etc. lets the company representative understand specifically what experience you have gained. Being as thorough as possible here is MUCH superior to providing an unclear description of what you may have experience with.

Step 2 - Examples and Situations
To be even more specific, come up with as many examples or situations as you are able to for each of the responsibilities you have jotted down. If the situation brings forth a new trait, perfect, insert it now. You need to supply a large number examples, however you also have to be able to recall each one during the interview. As a rule of thumb, your most current jobs are to have the most examples because they will be easier to memorize and are the generally more applicable.

Step 3 - Mix and Match
For each point you came up with for work/education, match it with a skill and personality trait you provided in the first step. If you think a trait or skill is absent from your list JOT IT DOWN NOW. More often than not you will find a couple positive qualities to add. The process is working!
As an example, say you've worked as a retail store supervisor and your example is 'dealing with difficult customers'. Here is what your remarks could look like:
• Store supervisor
Specific Responsibility:
• Dealing with difficult customers
Specific Example:
• The customer who attempted to return a shirt he had obviously worn and ruined
Personality Traits:
• Awareness
• Professionalism
• Ability to enforce store policy
• Conflict management

Step 4 - Review
Once you have a long list of examples properly organized you are required to study each one. The more effort you put into reviewing and studying each of your examples, the better you will be at discussing them in an interview. You must be able to bring to mind each situation easily so you won't be struggling to remember what you wrote down. An excellent review method is to provide an example to each question in the Tips For Interview - Questions article.

Having numerous examples prepared for the interview is critical. It provides material that you can refer to instantaneously during the interview. While other applicants will be struggling to come up with answers to the interview questions, working through these 4 easy steps will allow you to concentrate on the delivery and your qualifications rather than fighting to remember a proper example. Thus you come across unforced and appear charismatic.

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