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Tips For the Second Interview

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Congratulations, you made a good impression and have been invited back to interview a second time with a potential employer. While you've got you foot in the proverbial door, a job offer has not been extended yet. Don't assume that the second meeting is just a formality where you sign on the dotted line to join the team. Instead, a second interview should be treated as a seriously important meeting that gives you another chance to better understand the corporate environment, the job requirements, and the team you will be working with. If you are well prepared and know what to expect, you will easily be able to show why you are a good fit for the position and land the job.

Ready, Set, Research: As soon as you find out you're going on a second interview, learn all there is to know about the company by reading the corporate web page, annual reports and searching the internet for recent press releases and articles. Even if you've done this before the first interview, brush up! Being able to discuss the company's recent dealings in the business world and knowing the background of executives in top leadership positions shows that you've - - - well, done your research!

Know What to Expect: Call the human resource professional or administrative assistant that is helping to set up the details of your second interview. Find out the specifics of the meeting such as the names and titles of who you will be meeting with, the expected length of the interview (you'll want to clear your schedule if it is an all day meeting), the location of the interview (in-office, at a restaurant, etc) and any paper work you should bring or tests you will be taking, Knowing these details upfront make candidates feel more comfortable once they walk in the door, and candidates who feel comfortable can more easily show why they should get the job.

Fill Gaps in First Interview: The second interview gives you a chance to tell the hiring manager any important details that you may have forgotten to bring up the first time around. Some times interview anxiety can make even the best prepared person absent minded, so make sure to sell yourself well the second time around. Bring copies of your cover resume again, in case there are new people being met in the meeting. Also, ask any questions that may have come to you since the last meeting, this will show that you have been putting though into the new position.
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