Thursday, January 17, 2013

Top-Notch Job Interview Strategies

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So, you've finally come across a truly fitting job. You finalise your resume, hand deliver it into human resources, and then - you get the call. The organisation would like to set up an appointment for an interview! After the rush passes from being hand-picked for the job, you could find yourself quite nervous about the imminent interview, and wondering what it is that you could do to REALLY set yourself apart from the crowd. Take on-board these few tips here and you'll really set yourself apart from your competition. Keep in mind, this is absolutely imperative to your upcoming success!

While it's fantastic that you might have every skill needed to do this job, every organisation is different, as are the position requirements. Arming yourself with research about the company beforehand shows not only that you know who they are, but also that you have a general interest in the company. There are a great many sources of free information readily available these days, so always make a point of doing your homework.
"Dress to Impress" is the basic motto for every job interview regardless of the industry. The most ideal way to be positive that you look right is to take a good hard look in the mirror and check to see if the individual staring back at you makes you think just two words: neat and clean. Most likely those interviewees that show up wearing wrinkled pants and dirty shirts will be shown the door before the interview starts. This doesn't just apply to the clothes you are wearing. Proper grooming of facial hair for men and makeup for women is essential to complete the overall look.

Know what you are going to say about yourself before the actual interview. Remember, you are basically selling yourself to the potential employer, but you never want to come off as arrogant. The interview process will most likely be controlled by the interviewer, who will reference your resume to gather a little more information about your talents and abilities. Be sure to know all of the facts beforehand so that you don't stumble over any questions. Remember, there is always the possibility that there will be curve balls thrown at you, so preparation for the interview is absolutely essential; know yourself, and what you need them to know about you as well.

Always close the interview meeting with a meaningful thank you - showing that you value their time, and a firm handshake that clearly conveys your confidence. The interview is not the time to be shy and coy, it's necessary for you to show how truly appreciative you are of the interviewer's time to ensure that it certainly wasn't wasted.

After the completion of the interview, it is always a good idea to follow it up with a "thank you" phone call or perhaps even a handwritten letter. Doing this will more than likely give you an edge over the rest as it is a practice that seems to have gone out of style. Bring it back, it's a classy way of doing things and it always shows that you really mean business.

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