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What Color Should You Choose For An Interview Dress?

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Different dress colors send different messages to people. While you may be quite well aware about dressing conservatively for an interview, you should also know what color is best for an interview. It is your dress that forms your very first impression on the interviewer. To attract the interviewer, you should dress in a color which sends out subtle message. Given below are some tips to help you pick the right color for your interview dressing.

Dress Clothes
Suits make for the most conservative clothes to be worn for an interview. Dark and neutral colors are the best for suits. Jobseekers should wear suits which are dark brown, navy or grey in color. You should be quite careful while choosing black color, as it stands for power and authority. It is advisable to wear black color as an accent.
Brown is better choice for wearing suits, as this color stands for stability and credibility. Beige color is another good option for dressy clothes like suits. This color has a calming effect on people and is known to invite communication. If you want to appear confident to the interviewer, wearing grey color is a good choice. And the best option of all is wearing blue, which denotes honesty, trust and loyalty. Therefore, a navy blue suit would be the best option to go for.

Shirt/ Blouse
Many jobseekers wear shirts or blouses under the suits. What is the best color for these clothes? If you are looking for the best option, you should go for white. The white color represents cleanliness and purity and it goes with almost everything.

Your clothing accessories offer you an opportunity to add a splash of color to your neutral interview dress. Accessories will include scarves, ties, shoes, jewelry etc. It is important to choose accessories that go well with you are what you are wearing for the interview. It is always advisable to keep it simple and avoid too many or heavy accessories.
Dangling earrings and bracelets are a complete no-no for interviewing. The main purpose of wearing accessories is to highlight your face. Avoid wearing religious accessories during an interview. Green is considered to be a good accessory color, as it symbolizes nature and wealth and is also quite relaxing to the eye.

Socks and Shoes
Men are advised to wear socks that go with the color of the interview suit. If it is a tan suit, slightly darker socks would go quite well with it. One important thing to remember here is that the color of your socks, in any way, should be a shade lighter than the color of your shoes.
Women should select shoes that match the color of their suit, keeping everything neutral. Do not wearing open-toed shoes for an interview. Also avoid shoes that come with high heels. Wear neutral hose with your shoes.
Remember, it is how you dress for an interview that will decide how good or bad an impression you make on the interviewer. Keep all your clothing ready to wear a night before the interview. Check all your attire in advance everything is tailored well to avoid any kind of hassle on the day of the interview.


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