Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Write a Thank You Letter to Yourself

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Here's something that can help you get motivated and accomplish something very ambitious. You can set a Definite Mission and write a thank you letter to yourself. This letter shows your Definite Mission and thanks you for agreeing to accomplish it. I will use my Definite Mission of become a certified scuba diver to show you how this works.

Grab a legal pad and date it one year from today. Start by writing "Dear [your name], I want to thank you for agreeing to accomplish the Definite Mission of [Definite Mission]. It wasn't easy. You learned.... You used to think.... You now think.... Life is now better. Thank you." Sign it.
My scuba diving certification Definite Mission Thank You Letter could look like this:
Name Address City, State Zip December 31, 2011
Name Address City, State Zip
Dear (you):

I want to thank you for agreeing to accomplish the Definite Mission of agreeing to become a certified scuba diver. It wasn't easy. You thought you would not have the time, energy or money to accomplish this. You did not know anybody in downtown Chicago who taught scuba diving. You had other things to get done.
You learned how to calculate your air consumption and nitrogen production. You learned how to use the dive charts to determine how long you have to stay at the surface and "outgas" the nitrogen before going back under water. You also learned how to control your buoyancy and respect everything you find in the ocean.
You used to think the ocean was no place for people. I remember how you were scared of the ocean and thought all scuba divers ended up as shark lunch. You now think the ocean is a large, healthy, and beautiful gift that we have to maintain. Life is now better. You are awesome!

Your name
Some people ask me: "why does this work?" It works because you are holding yourself accountable for a Definite Mission you defined. You chose to pursue scuba certification. You set the deadline and reminded yourself that this is truly something you set out to accomplish.
It was not a mandate from a parent, boss or coworker. It was not something you "had" to do. Rather, it was something you "chose" to do. That makes your hunger stronger. That give you a stronger motivation to get it done. That increases the chances you will actually get it done, on time. Give it a shot. Find something you really want to accomplish, set a deadline and write a Thank You letter. Enjoy.


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