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Your Body Language in a Job Interview Makes the Sale

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Body language on an interview is a critical component to any job interview. However, it is one of the most forgotten elements. People know they need to look good. They need a great looking resume. They also know that to secure a job they need to say the right things. Yet, it is your body language that could be providing the most information to the job interviewer. If you want to secure a job, you need to focus on what your body is saying, not just what you are saying.

What Does Yours Say?
What information are you giving away in the job interview that you don't know you are?
There are many things you could be saying even though you have no idea you are doing so. Consider these mistakes.

•Are you slouching? Not only does is show bad manners, but that hunched over look also means you do not care enough or you do not feel you are a good job candidate. Sit up proud instead.
•Are you rolling your eyes, looking around too much or not focusing on the job interviewer? If that's the case, you already look bored. If the interview cannot keep your attention, chances are good that the job will not either.
•Are you smiling too much? It's possible to smile too much. Doing so does not bode well with the hiring manager who wants to talk to you in a professional, honest manner. Those smiles may mean you are not taking this process seriously.
•Are you frowning or looking depressed? If so, that could indicate you don't really feel like you should be there.
•Are you speaking in a low manner that's not clear? That's going to bother the job interviewer because he or she will be unable to hear you. However, it also can imply that you are shy or reserved.
•Are you crossing your arms? If so, you could be hiding something or at least seem to be hiding something.
•Are you sitting on the edge of your seat? This could mean you are excited about the opportunity.
What does your body language say about you? If you are unsure, ask someone to record you in a fake job interview. The best way to secure a job is to present yourself, in all aspects, in a way that is going to show you are interested, motivated and pleased to be there.

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